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Mondera jewlery
Description: Mondera, a leading online jewelry store presents high quality of Birthstone Jewelry. Take your pick from a huge collection of Birthstone rings, earrings, pendants and Bracelets in Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Blue Sapphire, Opal, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Diamond birthstones. In addition, Mondera features the easy-to-use Learning Center to help consumers make educated, confident purchase decisions.
Address :45 West 45th Street, Suite 808 New York, NY 10036
Phone :1-800-666-3372
Web Site :
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My Solitaire
Description: Aaron Faber-Aaron Faber Gallery is a specialty retailer for 20TH and 21ST Century Jewelry Design, featuring current model as well as Vintage and Collectible Wristwatches and pocketwatches; contemporary One-Of-A-Kind Studio Goldsmithing; and period design Estate and Classic Jewelry, including Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro-Modern and mid-century estate jewelry
Address : My Solitaire 7 West, 45th Street 1605 New York, NY 10036
Email :
Phone : 866-697-6548 , 212-840-5909
Web Site :
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Crystal Lotus Jewelry
Description: Your Source for Gemstone Jewelry Lore : <BR>Birthstones, Zodiac and the Meaning of Stones. as well as fire polished beads, machine cut crystals and pressed glass beads, please review our website. If you are also looking for a beaded linked rosary chain as well as lampwork beads, beading tools and supplies, please visit our website for more details.
Web Site :
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Bayco Jewellers
Description: Jewelry, diamond and gifts,fine, silver and costume jewelry, birthstones, jewelry and gemstone information premier dealer of museum-quality Twentieth Century Decorative Arts, Furniture and Jewelry.
Address :580 Fifth Avenue / Suite 1221 • New York, N.Y. 10036
Phone :7405 212-382-3390,212-764-4490
Web Site :
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Birthstone Jewelery
Description: Birthstone Jewelery Mother's Name Bracelets, Children's Name Bracelets,Birthstone Bracelets,name bracelets.
Address : 4 West 47th Street Booth92 New York,NY 10036
Phone :(212) 398 8878 ,(212) 398 1730
Email :
Web Site :
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Szul Jewellery
Description: Brooches. Estate Brooches. Discover The Elaine Miller Estate Jewelry Collection specializing in antique and vintage estate jewelry engagement rings, brooches, brooches, earrings, necklaces, watches and estate jewelry of all kinds.
Address : Gemologica P.O. Box 1303 Old Chelsea Station New York, NY 10113-1303
Phone :(323) 930-1652,(212) 689-7771
Web Site :
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Pretty Jewelery
Description: Shop online. Bloomingdale's. Like no other store in the world. New York, NY. specialises in mens and ladies engagement and wedding rings, hand crafted diamond jewellery and jewellery remodelling and repairs.
Address : 12 East 46th Street 2nd Floor East New York, NY 10017
Web Site :
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